READ NOW: San Antonio Magazine's Coffee Lover's Guide

San Antonio Magazine's Coffee Lover's Guide is on shelves now - and Yours Truly is featured prominently. Check it out:

Coffee is booming in San Antonio. While the family at What’s Brewing? Coffee Roasters has been roasting in the Alamo City since 1981, it’s only been in recent years that locals have had their choice of high-quality roasts from dozens of local roasters and cafes. “When (my father) got into this, the only place to go for a cappuccino was a French restaurant,” says Sami Chbeir at What’s Brewing? In the last decade, Local Coffee has made its mark on San Antonio and been joined by shops like Rosella and CommonWealth plus smaller roasters, including Estate Coffee Co. and Shotgun House Roasters, which opened this year. And while more options always means more competition, business owners say the coffee industry in San Antonio reflects the city: growing but still small enough that everyone feels like a friend. “We’re in an era where people care about the quality of products they consume,” says Eddie Laughlin, co-owner at Shotgun House. “San Antonio became a foodie city and a craft beer city; coffee was the next thing.”

You can read the full article here.

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