Grind Matters

From the optimal roast to the perfect grind, brewing a great cup of coffee takes precision. For a rich home brew, we always recommend starting with the perfect grind. Here are some of the best burr options for 2016 (hint: we use the Baratza Virtuoso at home):

From Home Grounds:

Are you here because you want to take the guesswork out of grinding your coffee? Are you looking for the best burr grinder?

I congratulate you on this; it took me years, thousand of dollars and I-don’t-know-how-many wasted coffee beans to figure this little secret out. Back of the envelope calculations tell me I wasted over $1150 in ruined beans and new grinders. Ouch!

I had the best gear, the best beans, but no matter what I did my coffee NEVER tasted as good as it did at the local coffee shop. I had NO IDEA that that using an average grinder was ruining my coffee.

So you know that a great grinder is critical...but now you have another problem: Which burr grinder should you choose out of the 170 (and growing) on the market?

Save your time, money, and precious coffee beans by checking out these 6 grinders that will guarantee you have the perfect grinds and hence, coffee, to start every morning with.

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