5 Pound Coffee Club
5 Pound Coffee Club

5 Pound Coffee Club

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Introducing Shotgun's 5 Pound Coffee Club. For when 12 ounces just won't cut it.

A lot of you have ordered 5lb bags every single month, so we figured we'd make it easier (and cheaper). Now you can subscribe to our 5 Pound Coffee Club and choose how how many bags (1 or 2 five pounders) and how often you receive it  (every 30, 60, or 90 days). Order one off bags for full price or subscribe & save for 10% off your entire order.

The club is set up so you'll receive one of our four standard coffees each shipment. However, if you'd like a specific offering each time, just shoot us an email (orders@shotgunhouseroasters.com) and we'll get you set up.

Shipping is always free nationwide.

Current Lineup

Brazil Cafe Delas Dark(er) Roast - After numerous requests from customers and sensing a white space in the specialty coffee market, we recently released our first dark roast. This coffee is developed longer in our roaster for those roasty, smokey, chocolatey notes that dark roast lovers crave, without the oily/burning/char flavor you'll often taste in dark roast offerings.

Colombia Timana - A Shotgun House Roasters favorite. This coffee is a top lot offering from our friends at Olam Specialty Coffee. Colombia Timana is a well balanced, highly versatile medium roast that goes great on drip, french press, espresso, or cold brew!

Papua New Guinea Tumbuna - Another fantastic top lot offering from Olam. Our PNG is a highly drinkable medium roast that has a nice complexity, medium mouthfeel, and great finish. Another versatile option that's perfect for drip, french press, espresso, or cold brew.

Burundi Nkanda Procasta - Our latest Burundi offering is a Top Lot offering from our friends at Olam Specialty Coffee. This is a fully washed, screen 15+ microlot from Nkanda Procasta washing station in Tangara commune, Ngozi province, northern Burundi.

5 pound whole bean coffee

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