Mistletoe Holiday Blend
Mistletoe Holiday Blend

Mistletoe Holiday Blend

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Mistletoe Holiday Blend
Sugar, Plum, Spice

Our first ever Holiday blend is available now for pre-order (with a little discount)! Mistletoe is the street where we originally started roasting coffee (and where we still reside), so we figured it's the perfect namesake for our inaugural Holiday blend. This will definitely be a winter crowd pleaser. We take our Brazil Dark Roast and bring it down a few degrees, making it darker than our traditional roasts, but light enough to let those origin flavors come through. Then we take our juicy Colombia Timana and match the Brazil's roast, allowing for smooth, smokey, cocoa notes with a juicy finish.

50% Brazil Cafe Delas (medium dark roast)
50% Colombia Timana (medium dark roast)

This coffee will be released this coming week. Expect shipment by Wednesday (11/25) at the latest. All Shotgun House Coffee Club members will receive a bag (or two) in their next shipment, so if you'd like to subscribe and guarantee yourself a bag, click here.

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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