Con Olio Ultra Premium Olive Oils
Con Olio Ultra Premium Olive Oils

Con Olio Ultra Premium Olive Oils

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We're proud to offer Ultra Premium Olive Oils from Con Olio! Con Olio is a premium olive oil & vinegar company based in Austin, Texas. I had the opportunity to interview the founder of this company for the Building Something out of Nothing Podcast. She gave us some samples and we liked them so much we wanted to offer them to our customers. If you like making olive oil based dressings for salads, the flavor of these will simply blow you away. The difference in quality is palpable. Both of these offerings are included with free local delivery with code SATXCOFFEE.

Organic Garlic Olive Oil:

Our Garlic Olive Oil is made with Certified Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s the garlic lover’s delight! This hearty healthy olive oil is redolent with the pungent flavor of fresh garlic. Its versatility knows no bounds. Use for sautéing, roasting, grilling, drizzling on salads, vegetables, in marinades, poultry, sea food, pork, dressings, marinades, and baked foods.

Athinolia Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fragrant, malty & creamy with notes of dried herbs and pine nut. This is an extremely early harvest example from Greece, harvested in early November; this variety matures slowly and is typically collected in late December through January.

Con Olio Mission Statement -

• To source from the top producers around the world including the highest grade Ultra Premium TM Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
• From tree to table, complete traceability of all of our products.
• Provide harvest dates, producer names, chemical analysis and organoleptic profile for each of our Ultra Premium TM Extra Virgin olive oils.
• To provide product authenticity, ingredients and nutritional information for all of our Balsamic Vinegars.  Sourced from Acetum in Modena, Italy who maintains a strict adherence to Italian Consortium laws requiring no added chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners or  thickeners.
• To educate every customer to distinguish high quality from low quality oils and vinegars.
• Bottle at the time of purchase to ensure optimal freshness and quality.