Wildflower Caramels (individual or 6 pk)
Wildflower Caramels (individual or 6 pk)
Wildflower Caramels (individual or 6 pk)

Wildflower Caramels (individual or 6 pk)

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Did you know we're neighbors with our friends at Wildflower Caramel Co.? More than neighbors - they craft our popular salted caramel sauce for our lattes and we provide espresso for their coffee caramels. We don't sell their caramels at Warehouse 5, but we thought it would be fun to add these handmade caramels to our online shop so you can add some to your coffee order. What goes better with coffee than a handmade caramel?

You can order individual caramels at 1.25 each, or get a 6 pack for $8. Cheers.

Note: All individual caramels are Salted Caramel. The 6 Packs will be a random flavor we have in stock (Salted Caramel, Coffee, Coconut, etc.) If you have a specific request, you can email me orders@shotgunhouseroasters.com.

More from Wildflower Caramel Co.:

At Wildflower, we find the utmost importance in sourcing quality ingredients and ensuring the fair and ethical treatment of all living things through the supply chain.  Every ingredient that we use is organic and fair trade certified and local when possible. Our packaging is also made from recycled and eco friendly materials.

Featured ingredients:

Peterson Farms Bacon

Shotgun House Roasters Coffee

Geyer Farms Honey

Bulleit Bourbon

Amola Bacon Salt

Sierra Vieja Tequila

Austin Eastciders - Blood Orange Cider

Organically grown herbs & produce from our home garden and local farmers