Casa Chocolate Bars
Casa Chocolate Bars

Casa Chocolate Bars

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Casa Chocolates is San Antonio's own small batch bean to bar chocolate company. They source cocoa beans from all over the world, roast, infuse sugar, temper, and mold each bar by hand.

Their newest seasonal bar, Mexican Hot Chocolate warms with cinnamon and follows with a cayenne bite. Based off their Milk Chocolate bar, it’s a San Antonio favorite.

Their 75% Dark Chocolate Bar from Ecuador/Vietnam goes perfect with a cup of our black coffee. Support this small business today and enjoy the best chocolate in town!

More from Casa Chocolates:

We carefully select origin-sourced beans from Vietnam, Uganda, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and other regions from small farmers who practice organic growing principles.

It’s important to us that we support the small farmers of these regions and only purchase Fair Trade beans.

We roast all our beans in-house to bring out the specific flavors that make these beans unique. Once roasted, the process is simple:

The roasted beans are cracked to expose the inner cacao nibs, and the shells are removed.

The nibs are ground for over 24 to 72 hours, and organic sugar is added to balance the bitterness of the raw chocolate.

To ensure a bar that’s shiny and snaps when you break it, the chocolate is melted to a specific temperature in a process called tempering.